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Rhubarb harvesting time

Thanks to everyone who pledged their home-grown rhubarb to our Dunoon Goes POP project.

With the help of local people, we’re making 150 bottles of rhubarb-flavoured pop to celebrate 150 years of Dunoon Burgh Hall. To do this, we need 30kg of rhubarb!

It’s about that time of year when rhubarb is ready to be harvested. If you can, please think of us and drop off some stalks.

How to Harvest

  • Grip the stalks at the base and pull them off. Don’t cut them off! 

  • Leave plenty on the plant to help it keep growing. Don’t remove all of the stalks at once.

  • Only harvest from rhubarb plants that have been in the ground for at least a year.

  • We’ll take whatever you can spare.

What to do next 

Option one: easy drop-off

  1. Pick your rhubarb,

  2. Wrap it in a bag or damp paper to keep fresh,

  3. Drop it off at the POP shop,

  4. We’ll chop it and bag it.

Option two: weigh, chop and drop

  1. Weigh out by 500g bundles,

  2. Chop into 2cm lengths,

  3. Bag up the rhubarb and write the weight and date on the bag,

  4. Deliver to the POP shop.

Where do I drop it off?

  • At the POP shop, 28 Hillfoot Street, Dunoon, PA23 7DS. 

  • We’re at the shop Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

If we’re not there, you can leave your stalks in the rhubarb tub, which we will leave by the workshop behind the shop:

  • Walk through the lane to the right of the shop to the end garage door on the left.

  • There will be a tub left outside the garage door, with a rhubarb plant beside it to help you find it.

Please do let us know if you’ve dropped off rhubarb when we’re not there. We’d love to keep track and say thank you to those who have been able to donate to the project. 


Please do get in touch if you have any questions at all. 

Rubob and Custard

What makes our fizzy pop special? Because it’s POP, inspired by People Of Place. And that place is Dunoon and Cowal. 

The new commemorative pop, Rhubob and Custard, is named after Dunoon Burgh Hall architect Robert Bryden. 

Bryden not only designed the Dunoon Burgh Hall, he also designed St John’s church next door, which is the town’s largest church.

Robert Bryden illustration by POP shop member Walter Newton

Putting rhubarb on the map 

Yorkshire has the rhubarb triangle. Could Dunoon have the world’s first rhubarb rhombus? Check out our Green Map of established rhubarb growers in the Dunoon and Cowal area. 

If you have friends and family who have a patch and can spare some rhubarb or would just like to be on the Green Map, please encourage them to sign up!

A community collaboration

Dunoon Burgh Hall is one of over 20 new community rhubarb growers we’ve alongside Dunoon Primary, Clyde Cottage Nursery, Dunoon Foodbank, The Top Shop and many more. It’ll take a year or two before their new rhubarb plants are ready to be harvested from.

Existing rhubarb growers around Dunoon and Cowal are donating rhubarb stalks to us this year for our 150 bottles of Rhubob and Custard. Thank you!

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