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Q&A Linda Payne of Waterbaby Arts

Linda Payne of Water Baby Arts

Linda runs Waterbaby Arts, which is a charity that promotes inclusive movement by and for people with disabilities. 

What is your business? Briefly describe what your business or service is about.

Waterbaby Arts is about therapeutic movement, we work in schools, community and therapeutic settings to provide specialist dance and movement sessions. Our focus is on supporting young people who might not always get the opportunity dance and move. We work with them to grow their confidence and abilities.

What are the biggest challenges you face at the moment? 

Funding is one of the biggest challenges we face as a charity. For me, juggling child care and having confidence are some of the challenges I deal with day-to-day.  

What is your ambition with the business? 

Having a steady income stream is a core ambition so that we can make some of our project dreams come true. I’d also like to engage with more people locally and link up with more fantastic organisations, create more films and for there to be more dancing!

Tell us about the businesses you connect or work with locally.

We connect with Cowal and Bute Play Therapy, which supports regular meaningful work and I deliver work for them locally in school setting. Dunoon Burgh Hall are supportive with funding and advice, and personal support. The Dunoon Grammar School learning unit have great enthusiasm and amazing dance pupils.

What do you love about doing business in Dunoon?

I love the people here; their warmth and enthusiasm for what we do at Waterbaby Arts. 

What support or services have you received from the POP Shop, and how has this helped?

I’ve really appreciated the one-to-one support meetings, drop-in advice and planning support that we were able to access at the POP shop via a scheme that was funded through the Social Enterprise Academy.

Emergence film on POP shop TV, screened in the window of the POP shop

We also screened a video in the window of the POP shop last year. This featured two young people we worked with at Dunoon Burgh Hall, so it was great to showcase their talents more widely.

Find out about Linda’s work:


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