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Green Mapmaking hub at the POP shop

Green Map desk at the POP shop
Green Map desk at the POP shop

POP shop is a hub for Green Mapmaking in Dunoon and around the world. 

Delivering Green Mapmaker training, the facilitation of new Green Maps for Dunoon and hosting a new dedicated Green Map desk are some of the many mapmaking activities happening at the POP shop. 

A Green Map Outpost in Dunoon

Supporting local Green Map projects across Scotland and beyond, the POP shop has hosted bespoke training, communications and strategic services with the Green Map Platform team since 2021. This international collaboration includes platform developers, the Berlin-based GISCollective, Green Map System in the US, and Dunoon’s Tacit Tacit, which is Hannah Clinch’s design agency that established and is based at the POP shop. 

With both indoor and outdoor spaces, the POP shop is a meeting point for Green Map workshops. Since May 2023, New York-based Green Map System has sponsored a new desk at the POP shop co-work space. The desk is available to Green Mapmakers from the Dunoon area and to visitors with Green Map projects in their own communities. 

Hannah Clinch comments: “The POP shop is a small cowork space in a rural town and it can be hard to sustain a space like ours. This unique collaboration with Green Map System makes a real difference. We’ll be able to connect more with other communities creating Green Maps and test out new ways of working to support sustainable community development.”

Book the Green Map Desk

The Green Map desk is available by appointment. Contact the POP shop at

Mapping Dunoon’s Sustainable Resources

Adaptable, innovative Green Mapmaking tools are open source and free to use. The tools are designed to help communities promote sustainable living resources using a shared and locally significant iconography.

POP shop delivered Green Mapmaker training early in 2023 with a group of local people and they contributed to a new biodiversity Green Map and survey for Dunoon. The new map, which launched in June 2023, also uses new icons developed by the group to reflect the unique biodiversity in our area, including an icon for shingle beach.

Share your Insights on our Dunoon Biodiversity Green Map 

Our local community can contribute their insights to the new Dunoon area biodiversity Green Map through our current survey. This can include places that are rich in biodiversity or places where you may have ideas to  ‘Up biodiversity’. 

All you need is a photo and a description of what can be found at the site you’re adding. If you have specific thoughts on improving the biodiversity of the site, select the ‘Up biodiversity’ icon and add them there.  

All entries to the survey are reviewed before they are published. 


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