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Enterprise support, from our window

Growing awareness of your business is one of the biggest, and sometimes most daunting, tasks when you launch a new enterprise. POP shop members can access street-level promotion straight from our window, as part of our enterprise support. 

What's on POP TV?

POP TV, a 40-inch flatscreen TV is perfectly positioned at eye level for passers-by on Hillfoot Street and broadcasts videos about local businesses and community projects. Our A3 poster frames, on either side of our shop front, also offer a street presence for our member businesses and projects looking for an extra boost. We sometimes theme our windows on subjects that align with our ethos, and past themes include local food growing and biodiversity. 

Positioned opposite Dunoon Primary School and between Vinters wine bar and one of the busiest chip shops in Dunoon, Anselmo’s, we get a lot of foot traffic past the POP shop. We like using our shop front to promote our members and POP shop community projects.  

Finding niche opportunities

Our window boxes, repurposed from some scrap roofing battens, are sponsored by local gardening business, Papaver Gardening. This plant-focussed gardening business launched in 2022 and they were looking for non-digital ways to raise their profile in Dunoon. 

Lynne from Papaver Gardening comments: “We have our social media and website, but we wanted to try and reach people who may not know to go looking for us. We are great plant lovers, and I’m a bit of a herbaholic, so we wanted to raise our profile and our specialism locally. The chance to plant up the POP shop planters with herbal tea plants is such a niche opportunity. It’s given us a huge boost and a bit of a town presence we wouldn’t otherwise have.” 

Next time you’re on Hillfoot Street, have a look at and a smell of all the herbs. You can find out what they’ve planted, here.  

“Starting a business like ours, one where you often work alone, can be really isolating,” says Lynne. “Talking to Hannah at the POP shop about our ideas has been really valuable. She offers so much encouragement, as well as practical advice and promotional options. Attending POP shop meet-ups has introduced us to other local business owners and freelancers – it’s amazing to hear about all the incredible enterprises and creativity here in Dunoon. We’re so happy to be a POP shop member and have hosted herbal tea workshops there and hope to do more.” 

As well as street-level promotions, POP shop members can also access gallery or workshop hire for launching new projects and products, or for holding workshops. You can also use the POP shop as an address for your business, for a small monthly fee. 

For a bit of extra inspiration, because we can all learn from each other, we publish regular Q&As with our members.


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