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the Pop Shop is a new enterprise and design facility located in Dunoon. The shop provides affordable desk, workshop and event space for design and value led enterprises.

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Where: POP shop window

A film about the Design challenges of building a beach hut on West Bay

When: Jan 18 - Feb 18, 2022



Tacit Tacit

Design led enterprise support for #positivegrowth

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We are building a beach hut

Heritage, co-design and climate change


Sure Shot Film

Film production, aerial film and photography


Dunoon Area Alliance

A new community development trust for Dunoon

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Dunoon Goes Pop

Heritage inspired soft drinks exploring ethical production and consumption

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Dunoon Green Map

Local asset mapping for sustainable community growth


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about the pop shop

The Pop shop is a design and enterprise facility developed around the needs of freelance and small businesses based in Dunoon. The shop and our services are informed by indepth community research into the unmet support needs of people growing enterprises around care responsibilities and positive impact.


The research was led by Tacit Tacit and supported in-kind by Dunoon Area Alliance and Glasgow School of Art's Innovation School.


Please contact us if you would like to know more.