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where we mix drinks, people and ideas about business with a positive impact for Dunoon.



Be part of the solution with Green Map

A flexible, 4 week training opportunity to learn about Green Map making and sustainable development here in Dunoon.


Showing until 5 Feb on POP shop TV in our window

RE-EMERGENCE by Water Baby Arts

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Community Building Exhibition

in our street gallery at the POP shop.


Tacit Tacit

Design for #positivegrowth

We are building a beach hut

Heritage, co-design and climate change

Sure Shot Film

Film production, aerial film and photography

Dunoon Area Alliance

A new community development trust for Dunoon

Dunoon Goes Pop

Heritage inspired soft drinks exploring ethical production and consumption

Dunoon Green Map

Local asset mapping to support sustainable development

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POP Shop

28 Hillfoot St,


PA23 7DS

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about the POP shop

The People Of Place or POP shop is a new design, heritage and enterprise facility in Dunoon managed by POP shop enterprises CIC.

We are on a mission to co-design heritage inspired solutions to climate change that build health and wealth in our community.

The shop provides desk and collaboration space, a gallery and workshop. In addition we run meet-ups for freelancers and homebased workers and are particularly keen to support people structuring work around care.

POP shop enterprises CIC also designs and delivers projects that provide Fair Work and training opportunities to our members and wider community. These projects address local challenges and test out solutions.

The POP shop was founded by Tacit Tacit and is supported by the Dunoon Area Alliance and Glasgow School of Art's Innovation School.


Contact us if you would like to know more.

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