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Our misson

To co-design heritage-inspired solutions to climate change that build health and wealth in our community.
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POP is an acronym for the People Of Place

The POP shop is managed by a Community Interest Company (or CIC), called POP shop enterprises CIC. The shop and company were established in 2022 in response to locally focused Action Research, started in 2018. The research examined the challenges faced by people setting up and running small and social enterprises whilst working from home or freelance in the Dunoon and Cowal Area. 

How it all started

The research was conducted over a series of meet-ups, workshops and social events to bring diverse range of local workers together.

These were facilitated by local design and social enterprise consultant Hannah Clinch of Tacit Tacit, who worked in partnership with Dunoon Community Development Trust (then known as the Dunoon Area Alliance). 

What we found out

Overtime, the research identified that many people working from home, freelance and around caring responsibilities were underserved and underseen at a local level.


Many of these people were women struggling to generate income through self employment whilst caring for family members. 

Research participants reported high levels of social and professional isolation, leading to poor mental health and a lack of career progression.

Although conventional enterprise support was available in Dunoon and Cowal, people did not always have the skills, confidence and network of peers to help them connect to these opportunities. In addition, people working flexibly around care did not always meet the criteria for funding and support because of having a limited turnover or because they were working part-time.


These factors led to a lack of investment coming into the area and perpetuated known inequalities in a fragile, rural region.

What we are doing about it

Today POP shop enterprises CIC continues to work in partnership with Dunoon Community Development Trust to fund and host co-work meetups to help people in our community develop themselves and their businesses in a more supportive and inclusive environment, alongside peers.

As a team we are committed to Community Wealth Building and a Netzero agenda and embed these principles into the way we operate and deliver these services.

Where we can, we access funding and develop partnerships to enhance enterprise support locally through Dunoon and Cowal Coworks.


Our goal is to bring more resources into the town to help people businesses that contribute to the regeneration of the town. In addition, we develop and deliver projects that create learning and Fair work opportunities for our members.

The POP shop provides a vital enterprise support space for these activities and a shop front for people who work from home.

POP is good for you

We offer a supportive space where you can connect with and learn from fellow members while starting up and growing your business.

People make business happen, and small, local businesses and social enterprises can have a hugely positive impact on their community.

We encourage value-led entrepreneurship, because we believe you can do business that’s good for our community, the planet and our economy.

POP is shaking things up

POP cares

We care about people and the planet.

All profits from desk hire and our services go back into projects that create local employment and engage people with sustainable development.

Shop team

Hannah Clinch

  • LinkedIn

POP shop co-fouder

Designer social innovation and enterprise

Lynne Maclagan

  • LinkedIn

Gardener, communications and POP community management

Mike Blanco

  • Youtube

Technical support, photography and film


Manda Newton

POP shop co-fouder

and archeologist

Eilish McArthur

UX designer

Sarah Kidman

Financial management


People and enterprises working with us to create a more inclusive and greener Dunoon.

Join us

Join us

Join us

Become a member and join the POP shop community.

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